LANBENA anti fungal nail treatment

In Stock LANBENA anti fungal nail treatment

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Specifications 0.7 OZ / 20g
Scope Of Use Suitable for nail antibacterial care
Ingredients Water, Phellodendron, Stemona Japonica, Phmg, Radix Arnebiae/Radix Lithospermi, Matrine, Plant Soot Fuligo Plantae, Panthenol, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, Laurocapbamum, Menthol.
Shelf Life 3 years
Caution 1. In the process of growing new nails, avoid making contact with gasoline, washing powder, chalk or other stimulating substances as far as possible. 
2. Stop using if your nails change shape.
3. Please store the product in an environment below 38 ℃
4. This is a product for external use. Please store out of reach of children.
Effects LANBENA NAIL CARE GEL adopts a molecular needle penetration technique and a brand-new formula to solve the problem of effective ingredients being unable to penetrate the nails. It can be used to fix all kinds of nail problems, soften the texture of your nails and restore their health.

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