Hand sanitizer with key ring

New Hand sanitizer with key ring

Hand sanitizer with key ring Quick, Easy Way to clean up and Kills 99.9% of germs. Kill germs in public restrooms, airport seats, and  restaurant tables.

75% Alcohol

1. bactericidal antibacterial. Kill the bacteria that cause a common cold, skin infections, more moisturizing ingredients, sustained antibacterial,Cut off the spread of germs.
2. decontamination. A special plant flavor formula, effectively remove dirt and smell.


3. clean moisture. Hand is one of the main media of the spread of bacteria, free water hand washing liquid, add moisture ingredients wash


Hand in hand to protect the hands of the skin, prevent dry.


4. multiple effects. This product with the cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, antibacterial, multiple effects.


5. easy to carry. Whenever and wherever possible use, without water or towel, hand rub his hands quickly to do so.


6. environmental protection and safety. Pure plant extract, no added, no residue, add essential oil moisturizing factor, protect the skin.

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